Review: Learn the Home Row Keys using Typesy Keyboarding Software


Learning the Home Row keys especially for beginners can be very difficult. In addition, you agree that it’s important to learn how to touch type these days because the keyboard still remains the most dominant Human Interface Device (HID).

The problem for most beginners is correct finger placement and is even confusing the first time. Therefore It’s important to know to correct finger placement.  The Home Row keys are the fundamentals needed to get started.

The video below is a review of how Typesy (formally Ultimate typing) Touch Typing software and keyboarding app can help you to easily learn the keyboard Home Row.

Typesy has 29 Home Row lessons. Furthermore, A Real Life assistant will help you to follow along and gets you started with the training lessons.

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What are the Home Row Keys?

First of all, the very first set of keys you need to know to begin typing is the set of Home Row Keys. These are the keys in the middle row of a QWERTY keyboard.

The QWERTY keyboard is the most common keyboard layout even though there are other alternatives. This because the very first 6 letters from left to right are Q, W, E, R, T, Y. Take a look at any keyboard even if it is a touchscreen keyboard. You will notice the keys.

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY Keyboard.

Always Remember

1. Never look down at the keyboard when typing.

2. You need to learn how to move all 10 fingers to the right keys without looking at the keyboard.

3. Every time your fingers move to strike a key your fingers need to move back to the Home Row immediately.

4. As a beginner starting out, never worry about speed. Accuracy is important so that you wouldn’t have to go back editing what you have typed because this is waste of time. Though you will not have 100% accuracy, just aim for about 80% accuracy, which is enough.

5. Practice!!!… Typesy recommends just 7 minutes a day.

Note: Typesy is developed, published and sold by eReflect. Founded in 2006, eReflect is a world leader in education and self -improvement software.

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